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 What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ...

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What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Empty
MessageSujet: What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ...   What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... EmptyMer Oct 07, 2015 10:24 am

What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make money online?FAQ
100+ Answers

What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Main-thumb-7075570-50-zQJ6qzU9xtsO7IV5JuRQwM8Lzl44ZX7N
Kalob Taulien, Entrepreneur, Senior Developer, @KalobTaulien
I read the first two answers and disagree with most of what I saw.
Making money online is easy, you just need to change what you're looking for.

For example,  I've created multiple online courses and sell them online. Yes, I put in the work initially, but every purchase raises my hourly rate. Here's what I mean:

If I put in 1,000 hours to write a book, and that book sells 10,000 copies for $5 over the next 12 months, I've made $50,000. Hourly, that breaks down to $50/hour. Not bad. But if I sell another 10,000 copies in the second year, all those numbers double. That book pays me $100/hour. The trick: passive income!

Why do a job one and get paid once? That's an old school way of thinking. Why not do a job once, and get paid over and over and over? That's your first step to wealth.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a course and sell it on Udemy. Everybody has a talent, what's yours?
  • Write an eBook. They are super easy. 20 mins / day will get you far.
  • Use passive tools like Footrr; a service that pays you to send your regular daily emails. You're sending them anyways, make those emails increase that number in your bank account.

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What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Main-thumb-10047639-50-ve0deGSUjTmdGseaKbXZIA0TexzNncre
Niket KediaRequest Bio
Without digressing too much, let me come straight to the point, yes you can make a million rupees online and that too during college years.

  • Blog: Come on, what were you expecting? That I will tell you about some hidden treasure? Almost everyone has heard that you can make money off blogging but what are the key things to remember. Start a blog today; write at least two-three posts about a niche topic every week. Become an expert in it, and remember you are not going to make any money with this for the next six months or maybe even a year. Make a Facebook page to support the blog and Twitter, connect with other experts, and ask them to guest post on your blog. Read how this guy made a million dollars through a wordpress blog.  Writing practices your idea muscle. Like I make a point to write something every week. What you are reading is this week’s work. There are a few hacks too, a friend of mine bought TOP 10 Fastest -, and got to rank two when people were searching for top 10 fastest cars, what next? 400$ in two months of starting the blog and spending less than two hours on it. Head to (for beginners I prefer this over WordPress and the Adsense account gets approved faster).

  • Youtube: If you were to tell me that you skip the pre roll ad on Youtube 100% of times I would beg to differ. Come on sometimes we do watch the ad when Katrina Kaif wants to teach us Aamsutra or the next trailer of a Salman Khan movie. And every time you watch that for more than 30 seconds the video channel owner makes money. Usually for every 1000 views you will end up making around 5$ if most of your views are from India. Here also figure out a niche, have an idea? Execute. Upload. Take feedback, then repeat. So we will be expecting more of “The Viral Fevers” and “Khan Academies” in India now. Patience and Persistence. And remember no money for the first 12 months, but ship a video every 15 days.

  • If you are not the one for delayed gratification and want to see hard cash instantly, head to iWriter: Article Writing Service right now, but make sure you have a paypal account before you do that. Now iWriter is as easy as writing content for other people, or to be more precise other people’s blogs, because all they want is more and more content on some keywords depending on their business. For starters, you will get paid around 3$ for an article, as you progress and increase your ratings it increases to 15%. A friend of mine makes 30-40k per month through this. You know what’s another good idea? Make a blog and use iWriter: Article Writing Service to generate content for that.

  • Self Publishing: Forget a million rupees, hit it right and you can make a million dollars through self publishing. If you are not the one for patience, then forget about this. This requires most patience and persistence. Your first book that you publish on Amazon will never get you more than 10,000 bucks unless you have already published a hard copy. You have to keep writing, and building your brand. How to start? Take a set of your blog posts, write more on them and convert them into a collection of stories, then figure out the whole process of how the Kindle program works, market yourself, think of more ideas and repeat.

  • Airbnb: A few months back I got chatting with Nalin Jha. How did I meet him? I had rented out his apartment for a day through Airbnb. It was a normal 1BHK in Hauz Khas which would probably go for 30k per month. Guess how much he was making out of it? Over 1.2 lakh a month. How? Airbnb. Have an extra apartment or even a room in your house? List it on Airbnb. It’s like renting out your space to travelers. For them it’s cheaper than a hotel, for you it’s more money than the normal rent. Your roommate is going home next week for 10 days? Time to make some hard cash.  Figure out the technicalities though, if you are a tenant you might have to talk to the owner first. By the way, Nalin’s place in Delhi is awesome.

I am pretty sure you knew or had heard about most of the things I have mentioned. So what’s stopping you? It really works. And people who ask what are the first steps to entrepreneurship, well here they are.
But as everything in life, and I repeat again, patience and persistence is what you need.
What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Main-qimg-d4220aca6eec57549c7db7f290b63b49?convert_to_webp=true

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What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Main-thumb-2475740-50-knaddbsygqfflycvhjmbohfpcjsrmuih
Faisal Khan, Independent Banking & Payments Consultant
59.5k Views • Faisal has 340+ answers and 3 endorsements in Money.
What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Main-qimg-604c1a53bdbea47a562e94685d12f2be?convert_to_webp=true

Let me give you the bad news first, there is no easy way to make money. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets examine how you could make money and what resources are available to you online.

Please read the disclaimer statement at the end of this answer.

There are literally millions of online resources on how to make money.


From Ponzi scheme to Pyramid scheme, from Affiliate marketing to Multi-level marketing, from Work-at-home scheme to The 4-Hour Workweek, from Online shopping to How-To's on Brick and mortar businesses, from Foreign exchange market trading to How to become a Stock trader, from Get Rich Click! by Marc Ostrofsky to making a living by Pay per click and everything in between and sideways and however you can mash it up.

For most who tap online in the digital pursuit of making money, they inadvertently brush elbows with WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums, where at any given time has some 20,000+ people reading the forums on how to make money.

Some are selling, some are buying, others are scratching their heads and trying to make sense of it all. Shy of the numbers that Warrior Forums has, the 2nd best place on the Internet for Online Marketing is Digital Point's Forums (See:

Between these two forums, everything in the Internet / Affiliate / Online marketing space is covered.

Well almost.

There is this fabulous online course (for free) called The Challenge, which used to be called The 30 Days Challenge, it is a great course to take, even if you don't intend to go into the Online advertising (or Internet Marketing) space. It will teach you a lot, from what is an Affiliate, how to generate content, how to drive traffic, how to signup with affiliates like Amazon, and the likes, how to conduct keyword research, sourcing, drop shipments, etc.

Do look it up - the official website is at: The Challenge (I believe the course starts every May or June). I cannot stress how cool of an online course this is to take ...and its free!

What you should be exploring first is what is it that you love to do and can work on? One could guide you to the lucrative resources online on equities trading, but would it be worth your interest? Probably not. The Challenge helps you find your niche. I'm not advocating that you pursue what The Challenge says, I'm just saying its a great course for you to learn and be cognisant of what is out there, on the Internet, and how people are making money.

You could setup and go the Online Store route, in which case, you will find 10,000s of websites and videos telling you how to go about as such. I wrote a pretty detailed blog post on this:

How Do I Start An Online Business? (the answer is also here on Quora: Teenage Online Entrepreneur Advice  Starting An Online Company General Hints Tips And Help.)

YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning. So many people overlook that aspect of YouTube. The scammers and spammers are on YouTube also, but then you will also find great Channel where 100s of learning videos have been put up. You will find some fantastic resources (read: people) who offer great advice on business, techniques, short-cuts, hacks, efficiency and above all explaining mundane things and concepts to everyday folks like you and I.

Quora, in itself and Yahoo! Products and Services are two great resources of information. A lot many ideas and resources can be found via these two resources.

Since, you will be searching a lot online for resources, do remember there is a lot of hidden wealth in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, pages of Google search results. Do not discard these pages. More often than not great articles and resources are drowned by all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work done by people vying for a higher position. Don't let this discourage you.

Also, Google isn't the only option in Search Engines, there are plenty of others, please learn to use them.

If you are starting out, there is no need to pay for information.

Read that again. If you're starting out, there is no need to pay for information.

Chances are, most of it is already out there, either it is deeply buried in the SERPs (Search engine results page), or you're using the wrong Keywords to search for your information (learn to use Keyword Research to your advantage and especially how Long Tail Keywords work) or its simply dispersed, and you need to find it and put it together.

Since you will be searching online, I would highly recommend you install Xmarks - to backup your bookmarks.

Freebie: Here is some advice worth in gold for you: Bookmark everything you spend more than 30 seconds viewing. Categorize it - and bookmark it. Your memory is not as good as you think, and once it has been bookmarked, you can always search through it and find it, rather than going crazy.

Since you will be searching and reading up online resources, install Evernote (product) and Pocket (app) - it will help you save the pages for later reading and viewing. A must have for online research.

If you already have a talent you want to market, Freelancer or Freelancing is an area you might want to pursue, here are a couple of great resources for Freelancing:

If you know of an area you want to work in, say Jewelry or perhaps you are a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) - then do frequent the forums that cater to such verticals. Forums are your best friends. You can ask questions, chances are, your questions (or something similar) have already been asked repeatedly, so make good use of the search box. You can read up on people's experiences who, not long ago, were in your shoes.

Your goal at all point should be to rid yourself of the clutter, spam and scams out there. Don't be attracted to them, surely you are not that gullible.

Information overload is something you will have to come to terms with. With so much information out there it can easily cause you to be overwhelmed by it all. Give yourself time and space out. Let it all sink in and absorb. You cannot possibly learn mathematics - all of it in 3 weeks, so don't even try it for your subject matter.

StumbleUpon is a great website to literally stumble upon some great handpicked content on the Internet. If you were to follow topics like Business, Internet, Money, Small Business, etc. you will find lots and lots of amazing websites and material for your online pursuit of making money.

Two such that I found from are below:

It is very important for each and every website you visit, for you to see / read if they are selling you something. You should be able discern if the message is a sell-ploy or if information is genuinely being shared. Learn to differentiate between sales Landing Pages and information pages. Learn to differentiate between websites and people who have authority, versus those who do not.

I wish I had the time to share 1000s of more URLs & Websites with you, but then again, that in itself would be an information overload.

Find out what your passion is all about, and then delve into it. I will conclude with the importance of 5Ps - Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Don't be disheartened if your first attempt at making money online did not work out, only you can be the best judge of it - as to when to give up. Just as a closing note, the scientists who cloned Dolly the Sheep, succeed after 276 attempts, before they were successful in cloning. (Source: HowStuffWorks "How Cloning Works").

Don't give up that easily. Best of luck.

Here is something just thought it would be interesting for you to read:

What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Main-qimg-769677dfea35603046541dc5683f78da?convert_to_webp=true

Source: The Ultimate Web Cash Flowchart

Here is another one that I really like as well:

What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Main-qimg-6ca378dfc69bf548a37dd4a596a7ff29?convert_to_webp=true

The Source of this image is: 200 Ways to Make Money From the Internet


All the links (URLs) provided here are straight-through URLs. There are no affiliate links whatsoever. I am not advocating any website, nor am I associated and/or working with any website(s) / resource / book(s), etc. mentioned here.

With respect to Affiliate Marketing, please see my (negative) answer on this subject here on Quora: Faisal Khan's answer to Can you really make significant money using affiliate marketing?

Since it is your money and time. I suggest you use it wisely. The Internet is full of charmers and con artists. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. There is no such thing as quick money. For peaceful sleep at night, don't spend money online for learning / ebooks, etc. until and unless you are absolutely convinced of the authenticity of the website/author/resource.

Almost everything I have learned online, was/is available for free. Again, put that wallet away and be careful in what you delve in. Three rules to live by:

  • When in doubt - Don't.
  • When in doubt - Check it out.
  • When in doubt - No.

Best of luck in your online/offline venture on making Benjamins.
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What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... -8bcd9dc1bbf25e8a
As you've specified cheap and easy, you're not going to be able to make much money. But money is money right? This is a list I put together a while ago with a few places that meet your criteria.

Amazon Mechanical turk:

You basically get paid for doing small simple tasks. You can have a look around the site to get an idea. You're never going to make millions but some people quite enjoy it. Run by Amazon so very trustworthy

Mancx - Mancx | The Knowledge Market

This is basically a paid Q&A website with an emphasis on quality. If you've done a degree then you'll probably be comfortable with the type of research required. Pay is better than a lot of sites because the quality required is higher. I think it's affiliated with LinkedIn so again, it's a legitimate place.

KGB answers - General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Another paid Q&A site, quality is fairly low so the pay is too

Istockphoto - Stock Photography: Search Royalty Free Images & Photos |

Have a digital camera? Pretty much everyone does. You can upload your photos to loads of these stock photo sites and people like designers pay to use them. Have a look at the most popular ones and see if you can copy them. Ideally you want photos of an attractive woman doing cliche office things (answer phone, typing etc) or middle aged man in suit doing similar stuff

Matched Betting - Google it

Most online gambling sites give away free credit when you sign up. The condition of this is that you need to gamble it x number of times before you can withdraw the free cash. The principle of matched betting is that you can use betting exchanges (where you effectively act as the book maker) to cycle the money and withdraw almost all of it. I'm simplifying this down but you can easily find articles on it so no need to go into too much detail

Article writing - paid article writers per word -

One of the major tactics used by people in SEO is to write articles and blog posts. You can get paid per word to write this stuff (usually low amounts of money). A recent google update has led to a decline in this work but you might want to look into it

Design work - Logo Design, Web Design and Writing by the World's Best Creative Team | crowdSPRING / Logo Design, Web Design and More. Design Done Differently |

If you can learn to do design then you can look at this. If you're not very good then this might get frustrating as it's payment on results

Skype prime - Download skype and look there

Have some expertise that other people would pay to learn about - SEO, Design, marketing, photography etc? This is basically a marketplace where you set your rate per minute and people can call you on skype and pay for your time and expertise.

As with anything, if you want to make good money then you need to learn to do the things that other people can't/won't. Particularly online where you are competing with countries like India/China.
Written 5 May, 2012View Upvotes

What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ... Main-thumb-13379866-50-dnlejtvxcdnxcrowevnmntknotswtclx
Rahul Jayachandhar, Programmer , Movie Buff, Procrastinator
Are you interested in teaching ?

Online Education is the next big thing. All you need is a different approach to teaching. There are many online learning websites where you can register as an instructor, prepare a course and launch it. Every time a learner signs up for your course , you earn.


  • Its cheap. You can use free software to make videos.
  • No website required. The platform is already available.
  • A weekend is all you need to prepare them.
  • Knowledge never ends. There is always something the world wants to learn. You can teach anything from basic algebra to programming to understanding the cosmos.

Take a look at this : Teach Online, Impact Over 4 Million Students on Udemy.
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What is a full and complete list of all the ways to make ...
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